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    Episode 01: Morning of a New Adventure
    Episode 02: Wizards vs. Hunters
    Episode 03: Art of Regression
    Episode 04: The Demon Returns
    Episode 05: Gray vs. Doriarte
    Episode 06: Voice of the Flame
    Episode 07: Song of the Fairies
    Episode 08: Tartaros Chapter, Prologue: The Nine Demon Gates
    Episode 09: Tartaros Chapter, Prologue: Fairies vs. Netherworld
    Episode 10: Tartaros Chapter, Prologue: The White Legacy
    Episode 11: Tartaros Chapter, Prologue: Natsu vs. Jackal
    Episode 12: Tartaros Chapter: Immorality and Sinners
    Episode 13: Tartaros Chapter: Jellal vs. Oracion Seis
    Episode 14: Tartaros Chapter: A Place Reached by Prayer
    Episode 15: Tartaros Chapter: The Demon`s Rebirth
    Episode 16: Tartaros Chapter: To Let Live or Die
    Episode 17: Tartaros Chapter: Wendy vs. Ezel
    Episode 18: Tartaros Chapter: Friends Forever
    Episode 19: Tartaros Chapter: Hell`s Core
    Episode 20: Tartaros Chapter: Underworld King
    Episode 21: Tartaros Chapter: Alegria
    Episode 22: Tartaros Chapter: A Strike from the Stars
    Episode 23: Tartaros Chapter: Celestial Spirit King vs. Underworld King
    Episode 24: Tartaros Chapter: Erza vs. Minerva
    Episode 25: Tartaros Chapter: The Boy`s Tale
    Episode 26: Tartaros Chapter: Gray vs. Silver
    Episode 27: Tartaros Chapter: A Silver Wish
    Episode 28: Tartaros Chapter: Air
    Episode 29: Tartaros Chapter: Steel
    Episode 30: Tartaros Chapter: Final Duels
    Episode 31: Tartaros Chapter: Wings of Despair
    Episode 32: Tartaros Chapter: Fire Dragon Iron Fist
    Episode 33: Tartaros Chapter: 00:00
    Episode 34: Tartaros Chapter: The Girl in the Crystal
    Episode 35: Tartaros Chapter: Absolute Demon
    Episode 36: Tartaros Chapter: Memento Mori
    Episode 37: Tartaros Chapter: Soaring Above Ishgar
    Episode 38: Tartaros Chapter: Drops of Fire
    Episode 39: Tartaros Chapter, Finale: Where the Power of Life Lies

    Fairy Tail - Season 6 (English Audio), Episode 15: Tartaros Chapter: The Demon`s Rebirth

    The sixth season of the series continues to follow a young celestial mage, Lucy Heartfilia, travels to the land of Fiore to join the magical Fairy Tail Guild. Along the way, she must struggle with the ups and downs.
    Duration: 24 min
    Quality: HD
    Release: 2015
    IMDb: 8
    (6) Voted
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  • Actors of "Fairy Tail - Season 6 (English Audio)"

  • Characters of "Fairy Tail - Season 6 (English Audio)"

    Natsu Dragneel. Character of Fairy Tail - Season 6 (English Audio)
  • Creators of "Fairy Tail - Season 6 (English Audio)"

    Hiro Mashima. Director of Fairy Tail - Season 6 (English Audio)
    Hiro Mashima
    Masashi Sogo. Director of Fairy Tail - Season 6 (English Audio)
    Masashi Sogo
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