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Marneen Fields

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16 August 1955, Minot, North Dakota, USA
Birth Name: 
Marneen Lynne Fields
163 cm
Multi-talented SAG actress, scriptwriter, pop singer, ASCAP composer, director, editor, cinematographer, executive producer, Marneen Lynne Fields was born in a trailer park in Minot, North Dakota on August 16, 1955. She is the middle child of country western singer, and square dance caller, turned light aircraft inventor of the inflatable door seal... Show more »
Multi-talented SAG actress, scriptwriter, pop singer, ASCAP composer, director, editor, cinematographer, executive producer, Marneen Lynne Fields was born in a trailer park in Minot, North Dakota on August 16, 1955. She is the middle child of country western singer, and square dance caller, turned light aircraft inventor of the inflatable door seal, Robert Leo Fields II, and foster child, turned housewife, Ruby Marie Farris. Marneen was a sickly child born with emphysema and enlarged heart who wasn't expected to live to be five years old but, by age nine, she had outgrown the emphysema and grown into her heart. During her early school years, she was somewhat of a child prodigy in math taking algebra classes with high school kids instead of playing with Barbies. She entered her first talent show doing a floor exercise gymnastics routine to the song, "Love is Blue", at Sinaloa Jr. High School in 1969. Marneen's been in a talent show, a gymnastic's competition, a theatrical production, a film, a television show, a concert, or a music video every year since. In 1970, she won the President's Physical Fitness award, First Place in the school at Sinaloa Jr. High. In 1972 and 1973, she was one of the top gymnasts competing for Royal High School in Simi Valley, California. She was Junior Class Homecoming Princess, and a Senior Class Christmas Princess for Royal also. She was at the top of her class in high school, on the honor roll, a song leader, and head of the Royal High School Pep Squad her senior year. In 1972, at the Southern California Cheerleader Camp, her team won the Spirit Stick for Royal High School, and Marneen was awarded the coveted, "Most Talented Cheerleader at the Camp". She graduated with honors when she was one of three women to ever be awarded a combination athletic and scholastic scholarship to Utah State University for gymnastics. She was the top advanced all-around gymnast at Utah State from 1974-76, competing for the college at a regional and national level, and was ranked 3rd in the entire state in floor exercise and balance beam under the coaching of Lucille Chase. She studied theater arts, dance, and health education at Utah State. In 1976, an ankle replacement surgery involving the insertion of a calves tendon into her right ankle ended her college gymnastics. In late 1976, she was discovered by stuntman Paul Stader and began training to become a Hollywood stunt woman at his famous stunt school. In December of 1976, she was cast by Eddie Foy III to play one of the mischievous schoolgirls in the movie of the week, The Spell (1977), and the rest is history. She has appeared in nearly 100 film and television shows as a character actress and a stunt lady. From 1976-1991, she was a top working stunt lady and character actress in Hollywood thanks to various stunt coordinators who believed in her talents and hired her for stunt jobs or got her readings for acting parts. She is the girl Clint Eastwood punched off the moving train in The Gauntlet (1977). However, in 1979, her life and career goals changed forever the day she met the late, actor, director, Victor French of Highway to Heaven (1984). Victor hand-picked her to study acting with his elite group of students, and Marneen worked closely with him, under his guidance and training for three years, doing small theater and learning the craft of acting. She kept her stunt player day job as she continued to study acting in the hopes of becoming a great actress one day. In the mid-eighties, producer Lou Arkoff and director Pierre De Moro cast her to co-star as the insanity victim who received the chemical lobotomy from Mary Woronov in the horror film Hellhole (1985). As Marneen became one of the first stunt gals to make the cross over into becoming recognized as a talented actress, more roles and readings for guest star and co-star roles followed. In the mid-eighties, it looked as if Marneen Fields was destined for success as an actress as she was cast and directed by Stanley Kramer, Irwin Allen, James Fargo, Michael Preece, Paul Wagner, Peter Medak, Bruce Kessler, Russ Mayberry, Lee H. Katzin, Donald Paul Pemrick, Pam Polifroni, and many others. Then the twisted hand of fate dealt a crushing blow.She survived a near fatal car accident that involved a series of abdominal operations that put her out of commission from 1988-1990, and 1992-1998. While healing from her surgeries, Marneen met composer Martin Reedy Leggett and began a songwriting partnership with him in 1992. Marneen and Martin discovered that not only was Marneen a wonderful lyricist (she'd been writing and singing pop songs since she was a teenager) but that she also had a terrific pop-rock singing voice, a singing voice that vocal coach Bob Rose, and the Seth Riggs speech-level singing method have helped create. After Marneen and Martin went their separate musical ways, Marneen continued to pursue her musical education acquiring an advanced degree in music composition and becoming the songwriter she is today. Marneen has studied not only acting, scriptwriting, and directing extensively, but also pop music composition and voice from Berkely School of Music, Dick Grove School of Music, Utah State University, Caesari Vocalises, and many other professors. Marneen has two non-traditional advanced degrees from online universities, one in film and one in music, along with an AA equivalent in theater arts from Utah State University, and a degree in graphic art from Platt College.Marneen's patience and faith have landed her back on top. Today, she's the CEO, executive producer, and creative director of Heavenly Waterfall Song Publishing & Productions. HWSP&P is an independent film, music publishing, and music video company which produces and publishes the literary and musical works of its sole creator, Marneen Lynne Fields. Marneen has a catalogue of seventy-five original songs, and twenty-five plus other literary works from screenplays to spiritual help books. In 2009, Marneen's original song, "I'm Gonna Be a Hollywood Stuntman", hit two number one spots in six days on beating out 43,691 country bands on the country charts and the country-pop charts. Nearly 400 actors recently submitted to appear in her music video production of the song, of which fifty made the cut to play dancers, models, cheerleaders, stunt performers and stunt kids in the music video. In 2009 Marneen's Heavenly Waterfall Song Publishing and Productions Company employed over 100 actors, models, dancers, singers, musicians, sound engineers, videographers, photographers, and production assistants. Marneen is the series creator of "Diva at the Beauty Salon", a comedy short about a forty-something wanna-be Diva and her plights in Hollywood Tinseltown while trying to make it and gain respect. The series is based on true life experiences Marneen has had in her thirty-three year career. Marneen has other award-winning songs, in 2006, her "My Love at First Sight" placed her in the suggested artist category in the Song of the Year Contest. Show less «

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Battlestar Galactica - Season 1 (1978)

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